sub_scape 2005

software for generating poetic ecologies - 2004 ongoing

sub_scape is a real-time generative system for manipulating data streams. The system samples, folds and re maps one data set onto another. The data sets comprise numerical data, and data streams of video and audio. Using elegant rules, sub_scape generates poetic ecologies of sound and image. What emerge from the system are aesthetic complexes and evolving patterns, along with anomalies, turbulence and recursive effects. The system exhibits confluence, paradox, metaphor and commentary, arising from the intriguing combinations of source data and formal strategies. sub_scape is housed in a periscope object for single visitor use. The periscope has an in-built screen. The visitor sits to view the display. By turning the periscope horizontally, the visitor changes the data flows and effects. There have been 3 iterations of sub_scape – sub_scapeBALTIC at ISEA2004 Helsinki; sub_scapePROOF at Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) 2005 for PROOF: the act of seeing with one’s own eyes; and sub_scapeMACHINIMA.  Media: subscape software; video/audio feed; real time effects; aluminium periscope with audience interactivity.  DOWNLOADsub_scape.pdf