Beautiful Minds – A Century of the Noble Prize 2007

centennial exhibition of the Nobel prizes - April – June 2007

This extensive exhibition was developed by the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden on the centenary of the Nobel Prize in 2001 and has since travelled to 12 countries including Sweden, Japan, Korea, America, Britain and Singapore. UTS was its only Australian destination. ‘Beautiful Minds’ explores the creativity of the scientists, writers, economists and peacemakers who have been recognised by the Nobel Foundation, posing questions such as, ‘What is creativity and how can creative activity best be encouraged? Does creativity rest with an individual or a creative milieux?’ Sponsored by the Nobel museum, UTS and Volvo. Media: Over 20 displays, some comprising up to 10 showcases containing multimedia and object displays; 2 x theatrettes; interactive software and 6 online kiosks; web presence; branding (video trailer etc); public program.