Biography and projects

Kate Richards is a Sydney-based media artist, producer and academic.with an undergraduate degree in BA Communications from UTS (1980), and a Masters in Fine Art in New Media Research from the University of NSW (CoFA) 1st class honours in 1996. Kate works across multimedia, interactivity, visualisation software and time-based media and is exhibiting artworks both nationally and internationally.  She has produced multimedia for museums and architects (including Australian War Memorial, Historic Houses Trust, Landini Associates, Sydney Olympic Park Authority), theatre companies (including Stalker, Urban Theatre Projects) and her media art has been exhibited nationally (ACMI, CCP, ACP Sydney, Sydney Opera House, The Performance Space); and internationally at Video Brasil, ISEA Helsinki and other festivals in South Africa, North America and France. Kate is the Leader of the Experiential and Immersive Research Lab WSU, the Discipline Lead Creative Industries Creative in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University, Parramatta, NSW.

Kate Richards

Kate Richards


Recent projects as new media producer, designer or dramaturge

Richards, K.E, Rymes P. (2022) The Driftway VRHIE research collaboration (desktop VR and headset VR) of the Driftway Hawkesbury, won best student project 2022 WSU Computer Science School

Richards, K.E, Strachan, P; Hendery, R, Burgess N, Budge, K, Allan, J, Harle, J. (2020). Research Partnership with NTNSW 4 four multi-media art works for the OGH Exhibition Enquiring Minds at Government House including AR (Feb. 2021 – Feb 2022). Including AR, touch screen and 2 channel video installation Kurrobori

Richards, K.E, Sleeth M (2019) “A Drone Opera” 3 channel video installation, 20 mins. Carriage Works, Sydney; shortlisted for Sundance New Frontiers Festival USA. Two channel version

Richards, K.E, Sleeth M (2019) “A Drone Opera” movie 17 mins, Sydney Film Festival 2019.

Richards, K.E. (2017) “GeriActivists”, VR project for Illuminart Arts. Consultant Producer.

Richards, K.E. (2017) “Field of Dreams”, Web GL and VR Aboriginal engagement environment, Badanami Centre, WSU.

Richards, K.E, Towney, S (2017) “Wiradjuri Murrayang” Indigenous astronomy dome, Cementa NSW.

Richards, K; Brown, J. (2016) “The Rocks Virtual Reality”. Hand coloured archival photos, original audio, VR platform. Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. The Rocks VR

Richards, K.E. (2015) “Reverie” single channel video, 7 mins. SCANZ residency and festival, New Plymouth, NZ; Director’s Cut, The Blake Prize Sydney.

Richards, K.E. (2016) “SCEM Astronomy Promo dome video”, SCEM Astronomy, WSU

Richards, K.E. (2015). ”A Drone Opera”, Matthew Sleeth/ Experimenta Media Arts [as producer and dramaturge].

Richards, K. E. (2014). “WW1 and Gallipoli Galleries, Australian War Memorial”, [Senior media producer, creative ideation and pitch lead for Holly, the successful tenderer].

Richards, K.E (2014) Invited Speaker and workshop convener, New Media Dramaturgy Research (ARC) UNSW Group

Richards, K. E. (2012) “Encoded.” [Interactive dance performance] Carriage Works, Redfern, Sydney: Stalker Theatre Co. (new media dramaturge)

Richards, K.E (2011), “Ama and Chan” [Live performance, closed circuit video, google-world mash ups and social media] Urban Theatre Projects, Sydney (New media dramaturgy and video design)

 Recent solo art works

 Richards, K.E. (2015) “Reverie” [single channel video, 7 mins] SCANZ residency and festival, New Plymouth, NZ; Director’s Cut, The Blake Prize Sydney.

Richards, K.E (2014). “grove” [programmed lighting array, rubber crumb, salt]. Io Myers Theatre, UNSW Oct 2014.

Richards, K. E. (2014). “Underworld” [Peephole box, kaleidoscope video, metal objects]. Electroscape – the Here and Now of Digital Art, Contempo, Art Gallery of NSW.

Richards, K.E. (2010) “Travels in Beautiful Desolation” [Video flythrough of a galaxy made in a games engine], Dreamworlds, Contemporary Australian Video Art, Beijing and tour of China

Richards, K.E. (2007). “The Uncertainty Principle” [photographs on voile, wall drawing]. Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.

Recent collaborative art works

Richards, K; Brown, J. (2016) “The Rocks Virtual Reality”. Hand coloured archival photos, original audio, VR platform.

Richards, K. E., Gibson, R. J., & Seymour, A. (2013). “Unhomely – Reynold’s Cottage” [7 channels video projection, objects in 2 story Neo-Georgian house].  International Symposium of Electronic Art Sydney

Richards, K. E., Gibson, R. J., & Seymour, A. (2011)Single channel video “Spirit Patrol” exhibited ‘The Archival Impulse’, Plimsoll Gallery Hobart, and Bondi Pavillion, Sydney

Richards, K.E., Dement, L. et al (2010) “Bloodbath” [5 artists create live video animations at the Sydney Roller Derby game], Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Bloodbath website

Artist in residence, Blast Theory UK (2010)

Richards, K.E, Coutts, M  “Wayfarer Global Agents”, 2009, [a series of locative, participatory art events that engage with themes of agency, physicality and ethics live performance, streaming video, web social media]. The Performance Space Sydney, Victoria Centre for the Arts, Melbourne

Richards, K. E., Gibson, R. J. (2007) “Bystander” [5 channel interactive video and surround sound experience] The Performance Space Sydney and the Justice and Police Museum

 Recent publications and presentations

Richards, K. E. (2014). Conference Presentation: “Land fall – 4 things media artists should know when creating immersive, experiential environments for mobile audiences.” In Xcommunicate, European Media Art Network. The Cube, Brisbane.

Thomas, A., Ely-Harper, K. & Richards, K. (2014). Virtual Macbeth: Using Virtual Worlds to Explore Literary Texts. In: L. Unsworth & A. Thomas [Eds.] English Teaching and New Literacies Pedagogy: Interpreting and authoring digital multimedia in the classroom. New York: Peter Lang

Richards, K.E. (2014). Invited Artist Presentation, Melbourne International Art Fair, Melbourne. August 2014. Light, Affect and Immersion: Some thoughts on audience outcomes when working with Light.

Richards, K. E. (2013). Unhomely -. Conference Presentation In Reverse Projections. The Rocks, Sydney. Retrieved from

Richards, K. E. S. (2013). “Life After Wartime: Working with the Justice & Police Museum archive”. The Dictionary of Sydney.

Richards, K. E. (2013). “Unhomely”. In C. Perren, & S. Breen Lovett (Eds.), Reverse Projections (pp. 58-65). Berlin, Germany: Broken Dimanche Press.

Richards, K. E. (2013). Published paper: “Unhomely – a site specific electronic art installation for ISEA 2013”. In R. Harley, & K. Cleland (Eds.), ISEA 2013 Conference Proceedings. Sydney, NSW.

Richards,, K. E. S. (2013). Life After Wartime: Working with the Justice & Police Museum archive. The Dictionary of Sydney. Retrieved from

Richards, K. E., Tran, E., Vinh Nguyen, Q., Leahy, A., & Simoff, S. (2013). GravityBubbleVis: An Immersive and Interactive Visualization for Live
Internet Activities. In Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems (AJIIPS) Sydney, Australia.

Richards, K.E. (2011) Conference Presentation and publication, International Symposium of Electronic Art IstanbulGo “

“Go figure – reconciling affect, participation and narrative in the creation of

immersive experiences”

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