BloodBath 2010

14:13 11 October 2021

Artists/Producers Linda Dement, Kate Richards.

Collaborating Artists Sarah Waterson, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Francesca da Rimini. Hordern Pavillion, Sydney.Funded Australia Council for The Arts.

Five women artists take live movement data from roller derby players; each artist using the data to trigger, animate, interact and create a live video projection at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion.


Kurrobori 2021

20:32 14 September 2021



This original dance video by Peta Strahan (Jannawi Dance Clan), was specially commissioned by Kate Richards for the NT and WSU. Through dance, image and song, the work interprets elements of the Dharug creation story of Kurrobori, who ‘comes from the Spirit Land which exists in the Morning Star’ (aka Venus). Deploying both contemporary and traditional dance, Strahan and the Jannawi Clan evoke the Sea Spirits, the Storytellers, Kurrobori herself, the formation of the land, and the plants and flowers she ‘caused’ (the white waratah is featured here). The video was recorded at Shaw’s Creek, on the Lands of the Boorooberongal Clan, Dharug Nation.


Kurrobori on Vimeo  on YouTube


Choreographer, Concept Peta Strahan

Creative Producer Kate Richards

Videographer/Compositer Miguel Felipe Valenzuela

Additional Camera Sam Freeman (drone); Sean James Cassidy (studio)


Jannawi Dancers

Peta Strahan

Dubs Yunupingu

Guppi Yunupingu

Bianca Williams

Aroha Pehi

Katie Leslie

Mia Niuqila

Jumikah Donovan

Shanaya Donovan

Songman Traditional Dance Matthew Doyle

Contemporary star music (the late )David Page

Recorded on Dharug Land at Shaw’s Creek Aboriginal Place, NSW and on Gadigal Land (Sydney Props and Photo Studio)

Thanks to Jasmin Gulash; Corina Norman, Raelene Billedo of Dharug Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation; to Shaw’s Creek Custodian Julie Webb; NSWNPWS.

A Drone Opera 2016

16:54 19 November 2017

Recalling the myth of Icarus, A Drone Opera charts the wonder and potential of a magical new technology, the attendant moral panic and the hubris that sabotages the initial promise. Drawing on the secretive subculture of DIY drone-makers, researchers and hackers,

A Drone Opera explores the role of drone technology and its complex and contested status in public life.


Three Channel Video installation – exhibited Carriage Works, Sydney 2019.

Wayfarer v 2 – Urban Agents 2009

08:50 3 February 2010

Wayfarer v 2 – Urban Agents’ is a locative social media event, converging gameplay, creative intervention and site. It premiered in Melbourne at the Victorian Arts Centre in November 2009. see


Life After Wartime 1999 – 2013

19:44 22 December 2007

Life After Wartime is a suite of multimedia artworks by Kate Richards and Ross Gibson. Based on 3000 archival scene-of-crime images from Sydney and thousands of evocative texts by Gibson, each iteration within the suite uses various design and interaction techniques to engage its audience.The suite comprises: Crime Scene – 1999-2000 – Justice & Police Museum Sydney and touring; Darkness Loiters – 2000 – an interactive story engine; Life After Wartime CD-ROM – 2003 – exhibited nationally and internationally, for sale through the artists, funded by the Australian Film Commission. Life After Wartime live with The Necks – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2001 and Sydney Opera House 2003 – a live improvised event with world renowned jazz trio The Necks; Street XRays – 2005 – Gibson’s re-photography installation at ACMI. Bystander – 2007 – a 5 channel interactive and immersive video installation at The Performance Space@CarriageWorks Sydney 2007.

ABC Arts on Bystander 2007, a multichannel video installation from the suite.

A documentation of Unhomely 2013, a 7 channel video installation from the suite.

Spirit Patrol is a linear video outcome, commissioned by Plimsole Gallery, for the Archival Impulse 2011.

Wayfarer 2007

08:53 22 December 2007

Wayfarer is a realtime game and multimedia event for four performers, four audience groups and passersby.Using their voices, each audience group will direct performers to explore and undertake a series of tasks inside the new and largely unknown Carriageworks building, hidden from the audience’s view. The audience will track their performer’s progress via streamed video, audio and locative data on large exterior projection screens.

Wayfarer is a truly hybrid concept, where live and mediated performance, urban choreography, tactical media, parkour, neo-situationist strategies, gameplay and site specificity come together in a volatile mix.

Short Documentation

Four Minute Documentation

10 Minute Version

SMH Preview

RealTime Review


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